USB Keyboard/Mouse will NOT passthrough

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I will be trying more trouble shooting latter, but the built in usb passthrough in the edit of the VMS does seemingly nothing. The devices never show up in the windows 10 VM. The devices show up in the XML and the GPU is passing through just find and I am getting an ouput, but the keyboard and mouse only control the unraid server console. I have tried a few different mouse and keyboards as well or even tried adding a bluetooth dongle. The bluetooth dongle did show up but it would not accept the driver is was just a cheap insignia one though that is supposed to get the driver automatically. The second picture shows the HP keyboard and mouse added in the xml.image.thumb.png.e88bf1c30793eeccd57fdb0ac45e1630.pngimage.thumb.png.2be8be3924603133e508687f758c7b3b.png

Even with this there is still no controlling the vm from the keyboard and mouse. If I remote in with windows remote desktop everything works fine, but the keyboard and mouse never show up am I missing something?

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Try changing the USB controller.




If that doesn't work would you be ok with the the keyboard and mouse only working with "VM". If so I recommend passthrough that specific usb controller. These would have to be in its own IOMMU group sperate from your unraid usb.


This is how I have mine setup. because stubbing them would create errors with my headset and I would get static.





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I did not notice you could change that after work I will try that and that was what I was thinking about doing in the future anyway so I may try passing through the controller. Thank you for getting back to me on this hopefully this works I was messing with it for hours last night.

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