Using Nginx Proxy Manager as a reverse proxy with a custom network


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Hi guys,

So I recently moved to UNRAID from FreeNAS and I was wondering about a setup I had that I wanted to implement in UNRAID but seems to be quite difficult from to actually do.


The idea is I have several services that are using non-encrypted connections at the moment on my local network side, such as bitwarden_rs. I'm using an HAProxy on my pfsense to reverse proxy that connection so that I have HTTPS enabled when accessing it from the outside. The problem is that I still don't like having clear-text traffic running through my LAN.


The way I did this before was using docker networks and Nginx-Proxy-Manager where my dockers would be associated with the NPM network only, meaning only by using NPM reverse proxy I can access those services. The un-encrypted traffic would only be in the internal docker network keeping things secure.

So the final flow would look like this:

Internet -> PfSense(HAproxy) -> Nginx-Proxy-Manager -> Service

and accessing the service directly is not possible.


I've enabled the support for user networks and created a new one, but when I try to add a container to it, it still maps to the external IP of the unraid server instead of using local traffic.

Would appreciate if someone can let me know what I'm missing.



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