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VM Pfsense to only manage dockers + 1 PC

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Hi, so right now when someone watches remote on emby my teamspeak server becomes unusable because of the dropped packets and on my main rig that shares
a switch with my server i get rubberbanding in game because i don't have any upload bandwith left.
I would like to fix this by running pfsense on a VM so i can do QOS on all my dockers + my main rig.

So internet would come in on the server on port 1 and my main rig would receive internet from the server on port 2.
Can i do this without removing my original router ?(rest of the network is really small bandwith and using server as main router would require extensive rewiring)
My questions are:
1. Will this work ?
2. Is this a good idea ? Is there a better way to fix this ? (haven't found a good switch/router with easy qos setup or with enough documentation || recommendations are welcome)
3. How would i go about managing the dockers with pfsense, im assuming i would need a virtual nic ?

Thanks in advance.

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