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Issues with LAN Nextcloud access after IP address update on Unraid server

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Hi all, this is my first time posting on the sub. I had a working set up with Nextcloud and a Reverse Proxy using Spaceinvader's guide for both. All was working well (remote and local) until I had to reboot my server. I hadn't set a static IP address for it, so after the restart everything broke and I realized what happened. 


Now, I have a static IP address set for the unraid server on my local network and I've gone through/re-followed every step (changing IP addresses to the new static IP address wherever applicable). I am able to access the nextcloud server through my mobile phone on data for instance, but not through my local network. No other device on my local network is able to connect to the Nextcloud site (either through a web browser or through the desktop application). 


I have edited the config.php in the netxcloud app data to use the new static ip address. I also made a new proxy connection for docker in case there was any issue there. 


Any ideas? Attached is my sys log and output logs for both the swag and nextcloud docker containers (neither report any errors I can see). Is it easier to just nuke both docker containers (and mariaDB) and just start from fresh? 


Specifically, here is the timeout I get on browsers locally: 


And in the nextcloud desktop: 



rehanivault-syslog-20210410-2226.zip swag log nextcloud log

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I was able to resolve this by transferring my reverse proxy validation method from HTTP to DNS following SpaceInvaders video. This resolved at least some of the issues, as I can now access everything by the URL (just not by the IP address quite yet) 

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