Help with vms and 10gbe networking

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So here is my situation . I currently have a hp g8 dl380p (so I can use 1 flexible lom card) that I want to add both 10gbe connectivity and a pfsense vm . My current network cards ia a hp 331flr 4 port gigabit card . This card can only do about 800 mbps from each port . I have gigabit internet .My plan was passing the 331flr to the pfsense vm,  get a pcie 10gb baseT nic with 2 ports for unraid , connect one 10gbe base T port up to the 331flr,  another to my main desktop and I would have 10gb file transfer to and from unraid . This has the drawback of limiting my gigabit internet to 700mbps which is not nice at all.

Now where my question lies . When I make a regular vm , I obviously have internet on them . But I have speeds to and from my unraid shares much faster than my puny 331flr can sustain .So is there a way I could passtrough the 10gbe card to pfsense, connect my wan on one port and my desktop on the other and that unraid would also get network connection from that (since it clearly has inbuilt networking with the vms  )?



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