Out of time, I've got the accounts, need someone to setup

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Hey all!


I am very short on time.  I have indexer's, news group provider, a VPN, private torrent sites, everything I need to get up and running.  What I need is an expert in Unraid overall.  I need to be sure all of my configs are right as things seems to be slowing down a bit (5 array drives at 18tb and 1 parity, also 18tb --- 64GB of RAM - 4XSSD -- Enterprise 2.4tbx2 and 1tbx2).  2x Xeon 32 cores (a few generations old, yet should be plenty, upgrading this now to a Gen9 HP with more processor and 4x RAM all G9).


The end result should be a completely workable local media server with newsgroups and torrents as well as playback via Emby and Plex.   Full automation for subs, torrents setup for private/public sites (private get's 1:1, public cuts off when done downloading).  VPN connectivity for torrents (I need your suggestion as to a provider, tried a few, none really felt solid.). Services should include AutoScan, Bazarr, Ombi, filebot, Sonarr, Lidarr, Radarr, LazyLib, Mylar, Reverse Proxy, eBook/Audiobook, NZBGet, Hydra2, Jackett, torrent client of your choice (must work with a VPN, of which we still need to select, I need to be able to seed my privates).   


Being that you're the expert, feel free to suggest more software or providers that will make for the ultimate media box.


Please PM me and tell me a bit about yourself and your proposal.  The sooner the better.



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