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Hello Hello everybody,


I'm writing this post in order to have some helps please :

The situation : I'm trying to create a virtual environment with multiple LAN. as you can see below: (LAB1) (LAB2)


I would like to create some VLAN in order to separate them : (LAB1 =>VLAN51) (LAB2=>VLAN52)


I created the vlan in unraid: 



On the pfsense I was gone on => Interfaces => assignments => Vlans => +add





I created a DHCP Range, created a new rule into this interface for the firewall (allow all to all)


After, I crated a new VM, assigned the interface br0.52 (VLAN52) to it.. and the new virtual machine doesn't get any DHCP address... even if I assign a static IP, the VM can't ping the pfsense... 


If someone can help me please, thank you. 

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So I change somethings :

- delete the assignment for the LAB2

- Assign directly the network port br0.52 to the new interface




Now my Windows 10 client got an IP, but he can reach the other machine

even if the machine is not in the same vlan.

(My Machine in vlan br0.52 ping another machine into the vlan br0.2)


Any help please?

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