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new build cpu recommendation


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i want to do a new server build for unraid, i already have 4 WD red 4TB drives for storage with 2 256GB nvme drives for cache drives


i use unraid as a NAS, have a single windows vm that i will only connect to trough rdp for a single application that needs to run on windows and some dockers for development purposes and home automation.


i want to put 32GB or ram in the system and am considering either using a AMD Ryzen 3700x (8c/16t) or an 5600G (6c12t) with igpu. the 5600G should have a bit more perfomance in total but has 2 less core though it does comes with the advantage of having an igpu. pricewise they are comparable. Or should possiblywait a bit longer to chip in the extra 100 euro for a 5700G


i would really appreciate some advice/opinions on which processor would probably be the best choice. 

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