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Swap Z590M for a W480???

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My Unraid build is ready.
Gigabyte Z590M with an Intel 11700 and 32GB RAM
6X 8TB WED Red Plus
1X PCI ethernet 1GBps (for dual lan bond)


Now I saw a promo for Gigabyte W480 motherboard
This one has 8 SATA an already dual lan on board.
Since I can still swap now, wouldn't this be better?


If so, do I keep the 11700 cpu or better take a 10700?
According to the specs, a 11700 should also work on it, but will it have the same performance?


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Hello Kopernikus, just to keep a bit of life in your question.


I am looking to upgrade my Gaming PC to an 11700k.... i dont want to make the same mistake i made before so this time i want my gaming PC should have a Motherboard that can later be used when i upgrade my Unraid server.... (today i have a WS ASrock with a i7-6700) i too am trying to fine a good mobo and came across the same one as you... The Gigabyte W480... What i REALLY like about it... besides the 8 sata, the internal USB connector (for unraid) and the PCI lanes, is that it looks like you can nearly populate the whole board... all PCI, SATA, and m.2 with there only being 1 conflict... the m2m (second m.2) and PCI x4 is on the same lane.... but almost all consumer boards... (that i see in the z570 or z590) have so many compromises... meaning you cant fully utilize the board... (for unraid)


Let me know what you ended up doing.... but it looks like a GREAT board.


But the sort answer is... what do you really need... i have a lot of disks... and i need...

at least 1 GPU for docker (plex mostly) - Quadro P2000

1 GPU for casual mining - old 1080ti

1 LSI card to expand 8 SATA (plus the 8 on the board)

2 m.2 in raid 1 for plex Cache

4 SSD for general DL cache and general cache (in raid 10)

MEANING... this seems to me the only board that can do that.... (or at least i cant find another board Z590... that can do that)


As far as i read the 11th gen works fine on this board.


A fellow unraider.

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