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Hardware Upgrade Recommendations?

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New to Unraid, Loving it so far and would like to upgrade for my needs


Current Setup 18 Drives (2 NVME, SSD, SAS, SATA), 64GB RAM, Ryzen 3800x, 1650 GPU, 1060 GPU  and P2200 GPU. PCI 16 SAS Adapter, X570 

Needs - Plex Server with 3-4 Remote Clients, BlueIris, Other Media Dockers, Win10 Generic VM, 2 Gaming VM's for Kids, Possible 3rd Gaming VM that would share a GPU with only 1 being used at a time. 


Currently both Kids have a Gaming PC but I'm so happy with performance of the VM one I tested I'm thinking power wise will be cheaper to move them to a Thin Client. and would like the ability to game from a Laptop. 


I was looking at the Threadripper WRX Models since there's not much price difference with the older Threadrippers. Am I better going this route or using an old server board with a Xeon or AMD Epic? My only concern is are the Xeon's capable of gaming and would I need to purchase new RAM? My ideal setup is 16C/32T, 128GB RAM, and I need a minimum of 4 PCI-E 16 Slots with 3 NVME M.2 Slots. I also have a DreamMachine Pro and would like to utilize the 10G ethernet, not sure if it will make a difference since none of the other clients are 10G or if it just helps having 10G with all the plex clients and 4 IP Cams talking to BI



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