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Installed Docker for Windows on Win10 VM and now performance is horrible?


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I installed Docker for Windows on a Win10VM.  It required a restart and immediately after restarting the performance felt sluggish.  I've since uninstalled it but my Windows instance is still struggling.  Is there some settting or add-on that Docker could have installed that might have caused this?  

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Can't figure this out for the life of me.  My resource monitor does not seem to indicate a memory shortage, I have plenty of overhead with my processors. Other VMS work just fine.  I've reinstalled Windows 10 (over the top of the current install so that I didn't lose anything) and it also didn't make a difference.  Reinstalled Virtio drivers, removed a bunch of programs, checked my startup logs and event viewer and can't find anything making it slow.  Any one have any other ideas of things I could try?  Really trying to avoid wiping the entire vdisk and starting over.

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