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Share randomly inaccessible from VM


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Hi! I have a VM with one UNRAID Share mounted to it. The VM is just running scripts in the background using crontab.

I mounted the share with fstab, as follows:


//ServerIP/Share_name  /media/Folder_I_Created  cifs  guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8  0  0


(Server has fixed IP)

I sometimes connect to my VM via VNC and see the scripts stopped doing their tasks. Upon inspection, I always find that the share is unaccessible.


Navigating to it through terminal gives no results, as if it wasn't mounted. Opening my home folder via de UI and clicking on the share icon (it still shows) gives an error (not accessible). There's the "Eject" button, but it does nothing.


Using "sudo mount -a" in terminal does nothing, I usually have to manually restart the VM in order to get it mounted again.

Any ideas of what might be happening?
I recently switched to a new UNRAID server, I configured this VM exactly as my old one in my old server, where I never had this issue.


Thank you!!

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I ran dmesg and the last three lines are as follows:


CIFS: VFS: Autodisabling the use of server inode numbers on \\\Share
CIFS: VFS: The server doesn't seem to support them properly or the files might be on different servers (DFS)
CIFS: VFS: Hardlinks will not be recognized on this mount. Consider mounting with the "noserverino" option to silence this message.


All red, denoting ERROR level I assume.

I hope it helps diagnosing the problem :/

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