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Help Unraid keeps crashing after power outage

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as the title says been trying what i can think of to no avail the time between failure has increased with each thing ive tried longest uptime so far is 26 hours i cant find anything in the logs either
what i have done:  removed hardware to lessen the load on the system
                            memtest twice
                            reinstalled my dockers
                            updated the plugins
                            checked smart data on every drive aswell as running extended tests
                            Removed the usb drive and check for corruption on windows machine
everything worked fine until the power outage it runs perfectly fine for 16-26 hours then hangs any ideas i havent thought of would be appreciated

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got everything working now 3 days straight not sure what caused the problem in the first place. i did have trouble booting sometimes so i changed port pins on the motherboard for the internal usb hub i also moved some sata cables around to different controllers dont know if one or the other fixed it or a combination of both did get some frozen errors on my samsung 860 ssd's on the first day now even that seem to have disappeared on its own.

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