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Need help with wierd bandwidth issue.


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This all started when I noticed that sab was getting really slow download speeds. I have gig internet, but sab reports bandwidth at ~257 Mbps, and doesn't come close to even using that; usually around 50-60 Mbps. I thought this was strictly a sab thing, but using the speedtest plugin, I see that unraid is getting the same ~300 Mbps. My desktop on the same switch is getting fulls speeds. I have swapped cables, bypassed the switch, used a different port on the server, etc. When I did a perf3 test, speeds are where they should be, ~1000 Mbps, and I confirmed that the port is running 1000Mbps, full duplex, MTU 1500. I am officially pulling my hair out over this and would love some help. Thanks!


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