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Unraid ISP IPv6 Support


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I have been trying to configure to access my Shares outside the network and I followed the wireguard blog post on unraid.net . But i got to know that my ISP ( JioFiber ) does not allow port forwarding through IPv4. If i try to map the address via IPv4 i can access it via the internal network not outside. This is done due to some security reasons as said by my ISP. So I got to know that my ISP allows PORT FORWARDING via IPv6 address where each device the router connects to it assigns a unique IPv6 address. i could verify it in windows 10 but not here in unraid. Me being new to unraid it shows ipv4 being set and ipv6 as not set. How do i set a specific IPv6 address to unraid and would it help me to port forward using duckdns and wireguard to access my files outside the network?

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