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Gaming VM Crashes Playing Certain Games

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Hi All, I could use some help.


I have a daily driver gaming VM on my server and have been running it for years now. It was working perfect for a long time after I figured all the kinks that come with unraid gaming VM's. About two years ago, Rocket League started to crash the VM on the second online game that I played, almost like clock work. I spent a bunch of time troubleshooting, I tried creating a different VM and testing it there, would have tried linux but rocket league doesn't do online for linux. The game runs fine when I'm in any local game like practice or bots. I can play other games for hours on end, BF5, PUBG, Dirt, CSGO, and no issue. Finally I gave up as rocket league was the only game doing this.


Last night, I decided to try Splitgate for the first time, and it behaved the exact same as Rocket League. On the second online game that I play, about halfway through the game, the VM crashes and restarts. I can't see anything obvious in the VM's Windows Logs, Unraid Logs, nor VMS Logs. Rocket league reportedly doesn't use an anti-cheat, which was my first thought.


Any help in the next direction I should go would be greatly appreciated.


My configuration:

     Server Hardware:


x299 aurus ultra Mobo

32gb ddr4

Titan X

1tb nvme vm boot drive

500gb nvme vm game drive

Custom water cooling on cpu and gpu


    System Config:

VM gets 12 isolated cores, 12 for Unraid.

VM gets 16gb ram

Boots off bare metal nvme drive



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