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Issues with SWAG and docker container resolving after migrating to new case and replacing network.cfg

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Migrated all my hardware to a new case, despite no actual changes to hardware other than removing a gpu I had network access issues.


To resolve this I replaced my network.cfg with one from a default install and everything seemed to be going great. However my SWAG instance is having issues, seemingly related to resolving docker containers. When first starting SWAG everything works fine, I can access plex, overseerr etc fine through their respective subdomains but after a short while (just a couple of minutes) they no longer resolve and I get an unable to connect error across those subdomains.

I can still access my root domain but anything that needs proxying/resolving from a docker container fails.

All my docker containers have their own ip through br0, including SWAG, removing the resolver from the equation in my site-confs doesn't resolve the issue and still has issues despite proxying through the ip directly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Diagnostics are attached


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