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Will unraid work for me? NAS + Virtualization type PC build.

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I am looking to build/buy a PC that allows me to accomplish two things:


  • NAS with atleast 4 x 12 TB drives.
  • CPU + Memory to let me run 4-6 VM's. I will want atleast 2 TB of SSD storage for this. Split it across 2-4 drives.


My original plan was to look at the Synology DS1621XS+ but am wondering if that will be a good fit for the virtualization. Both the memory and CPU it offers is rather limited.


My budget is NOT set in stone but I would prefer to keep it under $4000 if possible. I have no plan to use the PC for gaming as I have a Digital Storm PC that already achieves that for me. However, it would be ideal if I can run a Windows VM on it to run some apps remotely.


I am not sure if Unraid will fit my use case or not. Advice/help would be greatly appreciated.



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