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Slow Transfer Speed After Upgrading Server

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I'm unable to troubleshoot what is causing slow transfer speeds to my server. Previously I was able to transfer from my computer to server at more than 100mbps. Now it's around 10. The only changes I made were installing an LSI 9207-8i SAS card, Switching a new hard drive in for parity, and using the old parity drive as a new drive in the array (this is all functioning fine). I've checked the following:

1) When copying to the server, the Cache drive is being used, and is an ssd card (which was previously the case)

2) Using both open speed test, and speed test dockers, the DL network speed for the server is ~100mbps. Using ethtool eth0 I get "Speed: 1000Mb/s"

3) Using Diskspeed Docker, all HDs, including SSD are operating as expected, and one isn't a bottleneck.

Am I missing something? It seems like even with installing the SAS and new HDs, with nothing changing to the SSD Cache (it's not connecting through the SAS card) that transfer speed to the server shouldn't have changed.

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