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Listen IP for port forward


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Is there a way to specify the IP to bind a port forward to when creating a container ? They seem to always use

I have an issue with a container generating a bunch of errors when my router scan the ports, I'd like to just bind it to since the only thing using that port is running in another container in host mode anyway, it doesn't need to be exposed to the network.

I've tried putting in the Port setting, but it looks like . and : are not valid characters in there.


I've used the extra parameters field to specify the -p myself for now, which works fine, just wondering if there's a way using the normal Port config option.


Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, I'm new to unraid.


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I'm not quite sure if I'm really understanding your question...


Externally (for your router), the exposed ports are always running to the IP address of your Unraid-Server, and are then either passed through (in case of a Bridge or custom-br network setup) or run directly to the docker (in case of aHost network setup).

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