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6.9.2 - Docker Container only using 2/8 CPUs


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i have some problems with a docker container only using 2 from 8 available CPUs.

I have installed Tdarr but it only uses 2 from 8 CPUs.



I know i have messed with cpu pinning in the past because of other problems but it looks like currently there is no CPU pinning or isolation in place.



I don't know if this is a problem from Unraid that is limiting the container to 2 cpus or from the app in the Docker container itself, please help.

Is there any other place where i can limit the cpu usage for Docker?


Thanks & Best regards.


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i have found something interesting.


When i pin the Tdarr container to CPU 2-7 it runs on all them cpus





But if i add CPU 0 or 1 then it only runs on CPU 0 or 1 and discards 2-7





Any Idea why this is happening?

And can someone please move this thread to the Docker Engine forum.

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