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Upgrading Procedure

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I am in the process of upgrading my current unraid.  I am basically building a new server while trying to maintain my current data Integrity.  Here is what I am doing:

1.  Upgrading to all new hardware.  New motherboard processor ram psu and case.

2.  Reducing the drives in my array.   I bought 2 8tb nas harddrives.  1 for parity and 1 for data.  Currently I have 10 disks.  Mainly 2tb and 3tb with a 4tb Parity.


My plan is to reconfigure the disks in the array, then move the drives and unraid flash drive to the new hardware.


ANy thoughts or your own experiences doing this major of change that I should look out for?  I am preparing to 2 run 2 vm's on the system, which will require a fast drive for the vm's.  Any suggestions?  I am thinking a m.2 nvme as an unassigned drive.  




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