swag, domain static IP (2 websites and NextCloud)

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Hi, this is my problem.

 I already have installed swag and nextcloud(all Setup whit MarianaDB)  on the server working local access, swag has the domain and 3 sub domains for the same domain,  I check the log on swag and its sais server ready but if I try to access from outside I just get ERR_Conection_timed_out on the domain and the 3 sub domains.

I followed some guides but no matter what I tried I just won’t connect, but all guides mention ducdns and I believe I don’t need it (for the static ip) and I don’t have it installed. I reset all setting(I back up all I modify) and to my understanding I should see the website that is on www folder inside of swag on the domain

Any help please

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