Docker GUI unresponsive with process running

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Hi all. I normally have about a dozen or so running VMs, but since last night my Docker GUI has been unresponsive and the terminal drags to a crawl. I noticed this shortly after I updated my GluetunVPN container, which then set my dependent containers in a "rebuild" cycle. 


Currently, my other containers can run fine w/ access to them (Plex, Mealie, etc.) but I'm unable to do anything in the Docker GUI page as the Unraid (logo?) bars just keep bouncing up and down (hope that makes sense, lol). 


I've tried the following to troubleshoot it:

- Restarted the host

- Change to an older GluetunVPN tag (v3.26.0 from 2 months ago)

- Stopped all the containers from running but left the docker daemon running

- Deleted and reinstalled the "Docker vDisk location" docker.img file

- Verified all my /mnt/user/appdata/ folders have available permissions for my users (they do, nothing appears changed)


Doing any of the above has no effect on the GUI or console lag, and when I check the "top" I don't show anything really running more than 15 or so percent. The only thing I noticed is that prior to all of this I hit the 70% threshold in Docker memory usage as shown from the Dashboard.


I've attached my diagnostics file in case it can be of help. This is really the first real problem I've hit that I haven't been able to figure out, so any insight would be greatly appreciated! 


*** I did just kick off an extended test in the "Fix Common Problems" section prior to running this diagnostics output, but that was not running prior to the issues above ***




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After a few hours of poking around on these forums and my system, I think I fixed it. For anyone else in a similar situation, I followed the excellent guide found here on deleting the docker.img file and re-creating it.


Apparently when I did that earlier something must have not worked (or I didn't fully complete it) but following the steps below solved it and I re-added all my containers without issue.


I can only guess that my recent container updates must have affected the size as it was over the 70% threshold. This time when re-creating it I doubled it to 40Gb which should give me more breathing room. 

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