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no write permissions on flash


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I just upgraded to 5.0-beta6a, and I'm having a bit of trouble creating a folder in the flash share. It seems the problem exists on all drives. I have read-only access, even though root is set to read/write access. In the flash share the settings are

Export: Yes (Hidden)

Security: Private

root: Read/Write


I log in the flash share with root and the pw i've created, but can't make changes in the folder, the same goes if I access it via telnet.


Any suggestions to what the problem is.


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Ran the new permissions script. I now have write permissions to my shares, but I still can't make any changes in the flash share. Any ideas guys?

It has probably been mounted as read-only.  That would occur if unRAID detected any file-system corruption on it.


Try moving it to a windows PC and running checkdisk/scandisk on it.


Joe L.

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