Custom server cert from self hosted CA; host cert integration

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I did a search but didn't see this requested, surprisingly. 


First off, I don't use remote access to my server. Access is limited to my LAN only. I run opnsense as a firewall appliance and my edge router. I would like the ability to install a custom server cert/key generated by my opnsense CA. This simplifies certificate installs. I did try manually replacing the certs but of course it said my cert wasnt valid and I needed to redeploy the unRAID provided cert to resume flash drive backups.


Even the ability to generate a CSR that can be submitted to have signed as an intermediary maybe, since that should leave full My Servers support enabled. Just an alternate idea...




Second request related to first... Support for host certificate verification. It would be a more secure alternative to ACLs, and especially for those connecting remotely, being able to require host certificate would help mitigate risks. This, of course, would be doable easily with being allowed to use a self hosted CA. 



Would be great to see these features in an upcoming release and aren't too difficult to implement, with the CSR/intermediary method requiring the most backend work. Thanks!




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