FIDO2/Webauthn/CTAP login/support

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It would be great to see FIFO2 certified Webauthn/CTAP integration into unRAID's authentication system. This would also make additional security protections convenient for users who wish to use it. Examples could be re-authenticating for unRAID server restart/shutdown, array stopping, docker installations, etc. I know it's not widely implemented yet, not as much as it should be, but security keys are slowly becoming more widely adopted, especially for some of us who do IT/infosec professionally. Plus, Google has integrated Titan key into the Pixel 6 series (I thought they had back with the 3 series but what do I know), so for people like me, a separate key isn't even needed (though I have 2). Biometric verification makes it nice too.


Anyway, I know the API isn't the friendliest, but it would be a nice thing to have.





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