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[SUPPORT] Gladys Assistant - privacy-first, open-source home assistant

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Welcome to Gladys Assistant Support 


Gladys Assistant is a privacy-first, open-source home assistant. Gladys helps you centralize your connected devices, visualize data on your dashboards and build automation to make your daily life easier.


Website : https://gladysassistant.com/

Youtube (in French): https://www.youtube.com/c/GladysAssistant/videos

Github : https://github.com/GladysAssistant/Gladys

Forum : https://community.gladysassistant.com/

Donate : https://www.buymeacoffee.com/gladysassistant

Documentation : https://gladysassistant.com/docs/


All questions/issues related to getting any of my images running on unRAID can be asked here. If you think a template needs improvement, fell free to post that here too.






- Currently Gladys network type support only Host! We need this to be able to scan the network to find new smart device link to your wifi.


- Gladys need ports 8080 and 1883-1884 to be free, if you want to use MQTT or Zigbee in Gladys. It will install MQTT and Zigbee2MQTT docker, and they will be listening to these ports. We are working on making them customizable. 


- By default, the Gladys interface will be on http://unraid_server_ip:8006

If installed :

- Zigbee2MQTT interface on : http://unraid_server_ip:8080

- the MQTT Broker on: http://unraid_server_ip:1883





As new versions are released quite often you might want to force update the docker. To do so :

- go to your unraid docker interface

- Top right click on Basic View -> Advanced View

- Click force update on Gladys

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