Unmountable/disabled disk that is connected to a SMART controller

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Some time ago today I have changed my mainboard from an ASRock to an ASUS. The Asus has two less SATA ports and thus I am using a SATA controller card, this one:



On the first boot I was glad to see that all drives were detected. The array was not started yet because I start it manually.

The first start failed and I have seen multiple I/O errors on always the same drive. It is a drive that is connected on the SATA controller. One of the disks is now marked as disabled.


Not sure if the disk is actually failing or the controlelr is not playing well. I powered off the computer and unplugged both WD Red drives connected to the controller and started again. Starting the array shows less errors but the disk remains disabled.


I guess the disabled state wouldn't have changed anyway. I will have to rebuild but now I am wondering if I should at all if the controller is not working properly.


The diagnostic is attached, hope somebody can help :(


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I think I found the problem. In /boot/config/go I have set powertop to auto tune on startup and it seems like this does not play well with hard drives connected to the controller. On the previous board I only had a optical disc drive connected to it. Thats a bummer, now I will have to rebuild parity and figure out something so I can keep on using powertop.

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