Calling all ASRock X570 TaiChi and Define 7XL Owners (Help with fans)

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Please be gentle with me on this, i'm not as experienced as a lot of you are.  I've been testing unraid for about two years now on an old Dell R710.  It's been a great experience so i've now taken the plunge to move all my real life data to unraid and use my synology for backups.


So what did i buy?  Well i have a FD Define 7XL, ASRock x570 Taichi, AMD 5950X, Kingston 2x32GB ECC RAM, H100X AiO, HX1000, GTX1080Ti (Plex transcoding).  I have plans to buy two 9201-8i HBA's, but for now i'm planning on connecting 4x8tb hdd and 2x1tb ssd via the mobo sata ports.


Ok, now the problem, the mobo has 5 or 6 headers for fans but my setup has 4x120 NF-F12 (120mm @ 3000rpm max) at the front, three NF-F12 at the top (two if which are for the H100X and a single NF-A14 (140mm @ 3000rpm max) at the back.  As you can appreciate thats more fans than headers.  I have the AIO connected to CPU_fan1 (fan splitter) and CPU_fan2 (pump).  That leaves me six fans and four headers.


So the question is what would be the best way to connect the remaining fans?  Should i buy a fan controller?  If so which controller would be best for unraid compatibility?  Could i use y fan splitters to connect multiple fans to the mobo?  What are the ramifications\risks of such a move and how many can you have on a single port?


Appreciating any help i receive.  Thanks :)


Also as an afterthought, does anyone have any advice on the best pci configuration for the 1080ti and two 9201-8i cards?  I suspect the gpu should go in pcie slot 1 and the remaining cards in the remaining slots?  Would just like someone to confirm i'm doing the right thing there.

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