slow smb transfer/single connection limited to 800mbit/s

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i have unraid running as a guest in proxmox with a virtio network adapter.
running iperf i get about 30 gbit/s from host to guest.

guest to host is limited to 700-900 mbit/s per connection with a multi-gbit peak at the start.

running multiple threads i can get up to 30-40 gbit/s. with single connections running ABOVE 1 gbit/s as desired.

there is no tuning happening on the unraid side and cpu usage on host and guest is low (no cores/threads pegged) during the the tests.

after disabling the network bridge in unraid i can get good bandwidth (iperf) between host and guest in either direction... now its smb that is limited to ~700-800 mbit/s from guest to host. HELP?


EDIT: transfer from host to guest is going full speed. only from guest to host is limited somehow.

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