Sanity check on new build


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Planning on building a new server. Would like to get a quick sanity check on components in terms of compatibility (with each other, and with unraid in general). I'll be migrating a few drives over from my current system (7 drives in total)




Use case:

  • # of concurrent users for all of the below: 2
  • Emby (iGPU transcoding)
  • Media management (Radarr, Sonarr etc)
  • Web server
  • MySQL database for some side projects
  • File server for backups
  • Nextcloud
  • Wireguard
  • Will eventually be installing a GPU (3070) and passing it through to a VM for some machine learning things once in a while
  • Might run a 2nd instance of pihole here incase my primary goes down



  1. Will the cooler fit inside the 4U case?
  2. Is the PSU overkill?
  3. Is the RAM compatible? (dont see it on the QVL for the motherboard)
  4. In terms of PCIe, eventually I can see myself filling the slots with GPU, HBA, 10Gb NIC. The GPU will likely be a dual slot card, rendering one of the PCIe inaccessible. How do people usually get around a problem like this?
  5. Was originally aiming for a 2378G, but those things are impossible to find. How much of a real world performance drop will the 2176G be?
  6. Instead of the Xeon/ECC/C246 combo, I was also considering a more consumer-level setup based on a 10th gen i7. Any major benefits one way or the other?
  7. Any other potential pitfalls to watch out for in terms of unraid compatibility?
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