Docker unresponsive - autostart toggle constantly changing, unraid logo appearing

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Morning all,


I tried to update my containers using docker compose (this is how all containers have been created) and the afterwards and I'm getting some weird behaviour. 


On the docker ui in unraid web ui the unraid logo keeps flashing up and disappearing. The containers themselves are all toggling between autostart on and off. The page is unresponsive. The docker cli is also unresponsive. A restart hasn't helped. 


I'm not sure what else to try!


Any help greatly appreciated. Video and logs attached.

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Had the same thing. It was because I had a --net=container:<TARGET> pointing to a deleted image. I managed to edit the image to fix the network setting and then removed the image. Everything back to normal. For you, it looks like your prowlarr container is pointing to container=???

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