Do docker containers use CUDA cores or just use video decoding?

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Hey guys! 


I'm building a new machine for unraid that will be my main machine, and am trying to decide between AMD and Nvidia GPUs right now with this crazy market and have found a decent deal on an AMD 6000 series, but am looking at my existing machine and have stumbled across some docker containers that I don't want to cut myself off from, namely and I've done a good bit of digging around, and haven't found anything to see if they utilize cuda cores or if its really just hardware video encoding/decoding. If its the latter, I can either pull out a *really* old GPU from the closet, or try and find a second small card (1050?) on ebay and have it be a dedicated transcoding card down the line and just focus on getting the best card for the money at the moment. Right now I am not going to be doing anything with those projects, just transcoding on plex, which I know would be nice for a GPU, but not necessary.


Thanks a ton! 


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