[SOLVED] Cannot get Wireguard working (testing with android phone and LTE)

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I'm trying to get my Android phone VPN'ed into unraid so i set up wireguard (on unraid 6.10.3) with the following settings:



I set up my phone as a peer with the following settings



I turned "Enable host connection to custom networks" in the docker settings, and i set up a static route on my unifi dream machine router as such:



And my ports are forwarded



And i checked that its open

❯ nc -vnzu xx.xx.xxx.xx 5180
Connection to xx.xx.xxx.xx port 5180 [udp/*] succeeded!


Nothing seems to work. Not only can i not access docker containers, i cant even access the unraid server at


What am i missing?


One thing to note is i'm running pihole on a raspberry pi located at (hence the DNS address). My router assigns as the DNS server for things on my network. Could pi-hole be screwing things up? I searched around and the only thing i could find was to enable all origins which i did:



I can only really test over LTE right now since i'm home. So i disable WiFi and enable the wireguard VPN on the phone, using t-mobile LTE, nothing seems to work. 


The wireguard page in unraid always says "tunnel is inactive" so it's like its not even creating the tunnel at all.



**EDIT: SOLVED. Unraid has an "active" toggle thats very small and i didnt notice....**

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