Corrupted BMC on Dell C2100


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Title says it all. BMC firmware used to be on 1.6 something. Tried upgrading to 1.86 in an attempt to fix another issue and ended up corrupting the BMC. Downloaded the firmware straight from the product page for the C2100.


After some research, found out there's multiple versions of the C2100 board. The model number I have for this server is FS12-TY which from what I can tell is a C2100. The motherboard part number I have is 0PN94W.

No idea what to do at this point. Have to flip the CMOS jumper while it's off and then plug in the server and flip the jumper back to default just to get it to actually turn on and POST. Otherwise, it'll get power but the power button doesn't do anything. After a looooong time of just sitting there looking like it's not going to POST, it finally POSTs. Going into the BIOS, it shows something like WAITING FOR OEM for all the details. BMC version showing as 0.0 and also shows as not responding.


My question is, is this recoverable? Does anyone happen to have a working 0PN94W motherboard lying around that can backup their BMC firmware and send to me?

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