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Multichannel SMB - WIFI6 full speed via 2x lan


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I bought a new router with WIFI 6 (ASUS RT-AX58U, AX3000 with 2404MBps) and now the WIFI speed is faster than the LAN port (1000MBps) of the router.

I'm thinking about using mulitchannel SMB to increase the speed over the WIFI using 2 LAN ports of the router.


Please support me to find a solution checking my idea:

1. Unraid with 2x LAN 1000MBps

2. Between Unraid and Wlan router I place a switch, that supports Vlans to allow to transport both Unraid LANs via a separate VLAN via WIFI to the laptop.

3. Laptop gets for each Vlan a separate network card.

4. Laptop must support multichannel SMB

5. My laptop has Win11 pro for Workstation


What do you think this could be realized?

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Today I worked on Vlan on Windows side for INTEL AX200.

My result is that Vlan isn't supported at least directly.


As I have Windows 11 pro for Workstation, I have started Hyper-V.

It offers Virtual Switches that I can add to the network card (eg. to Intel Wifi6 AX200).


It would be nice whether it would be possible to use is for SMB multichannel.

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Using Hyper-V I see only one solution to create a second interface that can be used by Multichannel SMB.

A virtual machine can connect to the lan interface using vlan.

Between host and VM you can add a intern network.

You just need a VM that connects both interfaces.


Maybe another solution. Using a second IP address with is in a different subnet adding to the Wlan interface. 

Having 2 IPs in different subnets, Unraid can be accessed via 2 different lan interfaces. 

It's just the question on how to bring SMB to use both addresses.

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