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Has anyone using Pterdactyl Panel in Unraid tried install addons?

For example, there are a lot of various add-ons from  However, for the one I am trying to install "User Avatar Changer" the install instructions are not based on a Unraid Docker install.


Here is the install instructions:

First you need to upload the content of panelfiles folder to /var/www/pterodactyl.

Now edit panel files

1 - In routes/api-client.php above "Route::put('/email', [Client\AccountController::class, 'updateEmail'])->name('api:client.account.update-email');" add :

    Route::post('/avatar', [Client\AvatarController::class, 'store']);
    Route::get('/avatar', [Client\AvatarController::class, 'get']);
    Route::delete('/avatar', [Client\AvatarController::class, 'remove']);

2.0 - In resources/scripts/components/dashboard/AccountOverviewContainer.tsx above "</Container>" add :

        <ContentBox css={tw`md:ml-8 mt-8 md:mt-0`} title={'Change Account Avatar'} showFlashes={'account:avatar'}>
          <UploadAvatarForm />

2.1 - In same file under all import line add :

import UploadAvatarForm from '@/components/dashboard/forms/UploadAvatarForm';

If you don't have yarn install it :

apt -y install curl dirmngr apt-transport-https lsb-release ca-certificates
curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
apt -y install nodejs
cd /var/www/pterodactyl
npm i -g yarn
yarn install

And build the panel assets :

yarn build:production
chown -R www-data:www-data *

Add Laravel storage syslink :

php artisan storage:link


Hence, I was interested to know if anyone has tried tweaking and tried installing add-ons beyond the base Pterdactyl Panel install/configuration?  If so, I would be interested to know how, based what addon was installed. 



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