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Docker not accesable in custom docker network


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Hi there,


I have a following issue → some dockers on my main server are not longer accessible. According to my noob-research the reason are the DNS requests.


Here are some infos to my situation:

My main server “A” has a VPN-Torrent client (delugeVPN) on a custom docker network. I have several other docker containers running through this VPN docker container (--net=container:binhex-delugevpn).  Subnet:
Everything was running really smooth for a long time. 


Now I have installed a second unraid server “B” in my home network. On this Server “B” I have installed “Adguard Home” docker in br0. I have activated “DHCP Server” on it, as my home router doesn't allow the DNS requests being handled on something else.


Now the DelugeVPN container doesn't even start and all the cointainers, which are routed through it, aren't working neither. 
When I change the DelugeVPN container to br0, it can be started, but it get's a “” IP. My main server “A” is running under, and when running over the custom network, I was able to access it under “”. 


One of the DelugeVPN Settings is the “Container Variable: LAN_NETWORK”, so maybe that's why it was working before:


I have tried to add under “Name_Servers” the IP of my Adguard Home, but it didn't work.

Has anyone an Idea what happened and how I can fix it? 

Thanks for any help!

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