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pfSense VM

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I am using my build in Unraid server with VM pfSense, I also have intel 4 LAN ports. my router is from Vodafone so it's not configured to bridge mode so I bought openreach modem.

I have license for unraid and was able to install pfsense, some times it can see my WAN and LAN and sometimes not, I logged in to pfsense and noticed that the WAN ip was 

WAN 1000baseT <full-duplex>

I want to make sure how to connect all those devices together, it could be something wrong.

what I did was I connect the VDSL to the open reach modem and then from the modem to my Vodafone router on WAN port, I used to lan cable from the router, one connected to the unraid server to be connected to the internet and the second one connected to pfsense LAN port, and my pc connect over WIFI to be able to log in to unraid.

I tried to connect directly from the modem to the pfsense port but I can't connect to unraid server as my pc is not connected to the same ip.

Can someone polease give me the framework (topology) how to connect all those devise.

I watched all the videos but I can't understand how to connect them right.

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