listmonk docker?

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I read some reddit posts people had issues trying to create a listmonk docker in Unraid; something about the docker container wants to call out to secondary docker possibly...    


Interested if anyone here has tried creating a docker template for listmonk and what the results were.

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I've just managed to set up Listmonk on Unraid. I haven't made a template because my process was slightly more-involved than that, but I've documented the whole thing in a blog post at I hope that'll help somebody else!


The short version is that you'll need

  • a separate Postgres installation
  • to make Listmonk's config.toml (pointing to that Postgres installation) and mount it into the Listmonk image as a path
  • to start the container... it'll immediately stop itself
  • run, from a shell on your Unraid box, something like this to spin up another copy of Listmonk (temporarily) to do the DB setup:
    docker run --rm -ti --net='host' -e TZ="UTC" -v '/mnt/user/listmonk/config.toml':'/listmonk/config.toml':'rw' listmonk/listmonk:latest ./listmonk --install
  • to start the container again: now it should work!
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