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SOLVED 2.6 MB/s Pre-clear speed

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Good Morning...

I seem to have a problem with my server :-[ I started pre-clear on (6) 2TB drives last night...

Got up this morning & checked on the progress. All drives except 2 are proceeding as expected.

The 2 drives that don't seem right are running at 2.6 MB/s... the other 4 are running a little over a hundred at the moment.


If someone could take a look at my syslog, & maybe figure out what's going on... I can't make heads or tails of them :-\

I'm running -beta10 with 4 gig ram.




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what is the output when you type:



Thanks for looking Joe, really appreciate it!!


Tower2 login: root


root@Tower2:~# free

            total      used      free    shared    buffers    cached

Mem:      4148280    4052228      96052          0    751652    3119760

-/+ buffers/cache:    180816    3967464

Swap:            0          0          0



Since my last post I've stopped the 2 instances that were running 2.6 MB/s using ctrl-c.


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