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SOLVED Always have to manually connect to unRAID TOWER upon reboot of Mac Mini

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Upon rebooting my Mac Mini HTPC (MAC OS X 10.7/LION), I always have to manually connect to my unRAID Tower (unRAID Server Pro/4.7) each and every time.


I have my unRAID server setup to allow "SIMPLE" Share Security (on the "Settings" page - and it still prompts me.


The prompt on my Mac Mini says:


Enter your name and password for the server 'tower"


Connect as  1) Guest

                 2) Registered User





                  Remember this password in my keychain


If I connect as "Guest" and select remember this password in my keychain - it still asks me each time I reboot my client.


I have also tried setting up share security with a few different users and those won't allow me to connect whatsoever....


Any ideas for me?  Thanks so much in advance!!!!

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