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Failed USB drive - replacement GUID keys?

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I have a problem.  My 4+ year old flash drive failed.  Since I paid for a 2 pack license I have managed to get up and running again with my backup flash drive (I strongly recommend everyone buying the 2 pack!), however the second flash drive is in a sorry state, with a burn mark on the end - so I suspect it's failure is imminent.


My problem is that the license keys are tied to the GUID's of my old failed and failing flash drives.


I've gone out and purchased 2 brand new better quality Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drives, and sent a support request last Saturday to ask how I get replacement keys.


However I have had no response, other than the copy confirmation of my email enquiry.


Is there another process I need to follow to get support?  If my second flash disk fails I will without my unRAID!  Aaargh - a very scary prospect!  :o

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Thanks redia. But that's exactly what I did, when I said I'd "sent a support request last Saturday to ask how I get replacement keys".  The copy confirmation auto-reply was from Tom's email address, so I didn't send any further email directly to him (no point adding further to his inbox).  However, I've now replied to the support confirmation email, on the assumption it's just been overlooked.  Perhaps he will see that email or this forum post.  Fingers crossed my suspect backup flash drive hangs on!  :-\    


EDIT: All good... I have now heard back from Tom and sent him the new GUID's for some replacement keys.  Looks like it was just an overlooked email issue, something we all suffer from every now and then.  :)

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