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Setup unRAID as PPTP server?


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I've got my Tomato router currently setup as a PPTP server and it's actually awesome!  I followed this guide:




Thing is, I've been wanted to move to the new Airport Extreme router because my router can't reach every place in my house.  (Have read great things about the airport extreme's range, this would be my first non-DD-WRT or Tomato router!).  Is there a way to install this poptop on unRAID?  Or any PPTP server?




So I've been doing some reading and it seems quite easy....


I'm following the instructions here:




But I'm using the 12.2 pkg from here:






This is fairly straightforward.  I haven't tested it out yet but the instructions look nearly identical to what I'm doing on the Tomato side.  My other option is to keep my Tomato router around and keep that setup as my PPTP server. 

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