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New AirPort Extreme not picking up unRAID hostname

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Hi guys,

Stupid question but figured I'd ask here instead of on a Mac forum.  I just got the new AirPort Extreme but I can't connect to my unRAID via hostname (hothbase).  It's a DNS issue but it's only happened since I switched routers.  Here's what I've tried:


1.) dscacheutil -flushcache (on my Macs)

2.) Reinitializing the hostname in the web gui: Settings->Identification->Apply/Done


It shows up in the router correctly:




I do have a DHCP reservation for it:




If I use http://hothbase.local it works.


Any clue?  Is this just an AirPort Extreme problem?


BTW, I already expect plenty of jokes about naming all my hosts after Star Wars planets :) 


Thanks ahead of time!

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If I use http://hothbase.local'>http://hothbase.local it works.

Any clue?  Is this just an AirPort Extreme problem?


It is the way how Bonjour local network functions. By adding ".local" suffix to the host's name, it can be differentiated from an internet DNS address. However, you can get rid of it:

If you do not want to type this SUFFIX all the time, you can make changes in your network preferences by adding ".local." to the "search domain" list: Preferences >> network >> advanced >> DNS. On the right column you have the list of the domains to be searched in your local network. Just add ".local." to that list, after which Safari will find your unRaid with URL: http://hothbase as well. Hope this helps.


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