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Parity Check - Estimated finish based on last Run

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Hey everyone,


as i understand the Estimated finish time of a parity check is based on the current Speed of the HDDs

As the HDDs are getting slower the estimated finish time is most of the time miscalculated.


My idea now is, when the Array configuration did not change from the last run, use this time for the estimated finish.

For a little bit more accurated time, you could additionally use the elapsed time with the % Status of the last run and current running job to get an better estimated finish time.

So we could use this to calculate the estimated time (really simple example)

(time needed last run, to complete run) 
(time needed last run, to achieve x%) 
(time needed current run, to achieve x%) 
estimated time current run


Example calculate 25% estimate

  • last Run (finished after 10 hours)
    • Finished 25% after 2 hours
  • Current Run (needs to calculated)
    • Finished 25% after 2:30 hours


Example calculation at the 25% mark and example times above

10hours (time needed last run to complete)
2 hours (time needed last run for 25%)
2:30 hours (time needed current run for 25%)
8:30 hours minimum estimate to finish current run


If the current run is faster, it would work the same way.


I know if the array is strongly in use while the check is running, the time differs again, but at the moment the estimated finish time is worse i would say

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