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Server died, need help to rebuild

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Hi all,


Well, it finally happened. My unRAID just died for the first time in... I really don't know. I've been a user since 2006 without (major) incident (bad RAM, PSU etc.).


I am using this "opportunity" to update the hardware and have found many useful posts about current hardware to use etc. It's all ordered and will be showing up in a few days.


Had I know this failure was coming, I would have taken a screengrab of my current drive assignments, booted up on the new server, assign things back to where they were and I'd be done! (let this be a lesson to everyone, go backup and screengrab now!) Sadly, that's not an option any longer.


So my first question is, is there any way to tell what drive is supposed to be where from some file on the USB? I think I am (was on) v4.31 but I can't really tell from here (at the office right now). I would be fine to just rebuild parity if that's what it comes to, but I would like to know how to boot up and inspect the contents of each drive so I don't end up killing the wrong thing!


Any other things I'm not thinking of that I will run into?










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If the USB didn't die then you just boot the new hardware from the same USB. The main page will likely show "too many wrong or missing disks". Just look at the expected disks listed in smaller italics and use the devices page to match each device and disk. The array will show all green once you do this then you can start it.



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