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Is my flash-drive failing?

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Looking for insight before acting.

I recently had a failing pcie device cause frequent repeated system crashes on my server. Just before I replaced some parts to correct the issue I ran into a BTRFS error on my cache pool (which was corrected by running the BTRFS scrub.) as well as the symptoms listed with images below.
My initial thoughts are that if the crashing and power-cycling caused an issue with my cache-pool, It's likely I corrupted some of my flash-drive. Also of note is the age of the flashdrive being about 4-years of unraid service. While it is a Sandisk line known to be fairly reliable, flash drives wear out much faster than pretty much any other modern storage solution.

Y'all think I should; do a backup of the flash-drive, copy the the "Config" folder to my PC, make a new unraid flashdrive on a brand-new flashdrive, copy the config to the new drive, boot and complete the process of registering a new drive to my key?
Or should I do some diagnostics before digging in?

My symptoms are:

*When the server boots, the "Starting" status never updates to "Started" on the "Main" tab. image.png.3d8b8b457b959aebd12ed889904ac079.png

*The "Docker" tab always shows the "Array must be started" warning, but the containers all start and function.

*The GUI loads with a few seconds of system stats, like the CPU usage, but then freezes and never updates again until reboot where the problem repeats itself.

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