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Moving an unraid server, how to map new drives?

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I'm moving unraid from an old server (with a bunch of small drives) to a new server (with fewer but larger drives).  I've copied over the data to the new drives using a trial unraid install.  When I plug in the flash drive now, I'm presented with a down array.  I used to use 8 disks, but now am only using three.  Do I only need to map over the three unassigned drives to three slots and then not worry?  Or is there something else I need to do?  I'm just worried about losing my data, because it took forever to copy things over, and my old server isn't really usable anymore.  Attached is the drive assignments, but as I said I'm going from eight to three, so I don't know if that messes anything up.


Thanks in advance.

unraid drives.png

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Whoops, I meant to include another picture.  If I select one of the new drives, it just tells me it's wrong.  Is that going to be a problem?


/edit to add: At the bottom it won't let me start the array anyway because it says there are too many wrong/missing disks.



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